Dario Marcianò

HI! My name is Dario and have been working in tourism for over 20 years. I love my land and, even tough I deeply know it, I always look for new emotions to transfer to the groups I guide. I like travelling all over the world by myself, I love the adventure and prove my self continuously. I feel at home everywhere I am.

Enrica Bruno

Hi! My name is Enrica. I am an art historian specialized in the research of unconventional artistic phenomena. I think that behind every artistic expression, even the oddest one, there is always an interesting story to tell. Since I was a little girl, I have always had a special passion for sharing with people my discovering. Then I transformed them in my main job. It's a great exchange: seeing my world through the eyes of curious people and giving them a part of myself and the freshness of my local touch.

Elio Caccamo

The biggest satisfaction for me is that the people I have guided, I'm guiding and I will guide, always bring a piece of my land tattooed con their body and mind. In this way they promise to come back. This means I did a good job. I forgot... My name is Elio (tour guide for love) and I'm waiting for you in Sicily.

In case we might be already busy, will recommend you a colleague of us who share our same idea of tourism.

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