Food & Xperience

3 hour walking tour - Price: 35,00 4 hour walking tour (4 pax)

Street Food Tour

Palermo is famous for it's amazing street food! You don't get to know a city just by visiting it's monuments. Tasting its food specialities is also an absolute must! Palermo's street food is a mirror of all the dominations that Palermo has had throughout history. You will be led through the noisy, multi-coloured, and historical markets of Palermo, where you will experience unforgettable flavours. From Frittola (veal gristles) to the succulent Pani Ca' Meusa (veal entrail roll), from Panelle and Cazzilli (chickpea fritters and potato croquets) to Sfincione (pizza tomato), you'll taste them all! The tour will end with delicious desserts and autista (a digestive drink). Meeting point: Teatro Massimo (Opera House).

Price: 250,00 € from 1 to 3 pax - Price: 300,00 € from 4 to 6 pax

Cooking with Mama

This is an authentic experience with a Sicilian family and not a traditional touristy cooking class. You will be led by the local guide into the narrow alleys of the market and you'll learn how to distinguish the smells, the colours and the flavours of centenary food. You will shop and bring the ingredients home to Mama who will happily show you how to cook them. You'll sample dishes that one rarely finds in the restaurants! This is a simple, 100% Sicilian experience, that combines culture and taste together in a homely atmosphere. It will show you culinary life as it truly is on our island.

Half day excursion

Palermo Coast to Coast.... and a Glass of Wine

Palermo's coast is characterized by an alternance of white sandy beaches and rocky promontories. The many streams flowing into the sea render the water crystal clear every day of the year.  We will admire Palermo from a different perspective...from the sea, where the city and its domes seem less noisy and crowded. You will be welcomed on board a boat at the city's port and sail towards the sunset of "Sferracavallo" while drinking a refreshing glass of wine.

4 hour walking tour - Price: 175,00 € + admission tickets

Nice to Meet You!

You cannot fully grasp a city just by visiting its monuments. We believe you need to mingle with the local people to get the full picture.  This is a pleasant walk of experiential tourism during which you will meet some of the locals who are creating history in the places where they live. Andrea is a tailor-musician who plays the mandolin and performs spontaneous concerts in his atelier. Pietro, in the current era of consumerism, has created an original library in the street that is simply based on bartering and free donations. Enzo is the carpenter of recycling. He transforms 500-year-old wooden beams into new original objects. These slices of their lives that will touch you in surprising ways.

Price: 45,00 € - tasting included (min. 4 pax)

Palermo Drinks

This itinerary is dedicated to those who like the nightlife.  It's a great way to spend some time in good company while admiring the romantic lights of the city at night. You will be led into the heart of the town alongside stories of the city and good drinks. From the "Champagneria" and Vucciria Market to Piazza Rivoluzione and The Magione, you'll have a chance to taste the delicious street food specialties and sample our local wines. We promise you a fun night out in Palermo (without the hangover)!

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