4 hour walking tour - Price: € 150,00 + admission tickets

Arab - Norman Tour

This tour's aim is to help you discover our Arab-Norman monuments, which have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2015.

This itinerary will take you to the golden mosaics of the Palatine Chapel and Ruggero's Hall at the Royal Palace.

It then continues on to the majestic Cathedral, the "oriental" Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, and La Martorana with the blue mosaics. It ends at the Ballarò Market, where you will lose yourself in its web of tantalising smells and colours.

Meeting point: Royal Palace ticket office - Piazza Parlamento

4 hour walking tour - Price: 150,00 € + admission tickets

The Leopards

"The Leopards" was the nickname given to Palermo's nobility.  They left a permanent marker in the history of the city as they competed with each other in the building of sumptuous palaces. You will walk through the streets and the narrow alleys of the city as you listen to the intriguing stories of the aristocracy. We will visit the Baroque Four Corners Square, the Renaissance's Pretoria Fountain, and Gangi Palace, the actual place where the movie "The Leopard" was filmed.  You'll also have a chance to admire the elegant dwellings along Via Lungarini and Via Alloro, Piazza Garibaldi, the massive ficus of Piazza Marina, and the gothic Steri Palace. The tour ends at Mirto Palace, where you will visit an incredible example of a house-museum with magnificently decorated halls.
Meeting Point: Quattro Canti (Four Corners Square)

4 hour walking tour - Price: 150,00 € + admission tickets

Baroque and Faith

The struggle between power and religion has existed for ages.  This is an itinerary that explores how all the different religious orders from the 17th century interpreted their relationship with God through the construction of various churches and monasteries.

San Giuseppe dei Teatini and Casa Professa belonged to the Jesuits. The Dominicans decorated Santa Caterina with inlaid marble. We'll also visit the Church of San Matteo and the Pantheon of the city.

The tour will end with the breathtaking pure white stuccos of the oratories.

Meeting Point: Quattro Canti (Four Corners Square).

4 hour tour - Price: 150,00 € + admission tickets

Vacation in Palermo from the 18th to 20th Century

The lush countryside of the "Golden Shell" and the sunny coast of Palermo have been the perfect setting for the nobility and the bourgeoisie for centuries. In the 18th century, magnificent holiday resorts were built by noble families around Palermo's outskirts.  King Ferdinand the Bourbon built his hunting dwelling in a very peculiar Chinese style. The bourgeoisie, instead, favoured the Liberty style and an incredible "garden-city" was created along the seaside. This itineray will lead you to the 18th-century Villa Niscemi and the Chinese Palace surrounded by a green park called "La Favorita". It continues on to Villa dei Quattro Pizzi that hosted the Russian Zar. It ends in Mondello, the white sandy beach of Palermo where it will be possible for you to admire art nouveau villas. Meeting point: Teatro Massimo Opera House.

4 hour walking tour - Price: 150,00 € + admission tickets

Where's the Wall?

This itinerary around the city centre focuses on the artistic techniques that have been used to decorate the walls of churches, palaces, monasteries, oratories and markets.

We will admire the fine inlaid murbles of the Immaculate Conception Church and the shiny golden mosaics of Martorana Church.  Then, we'll take in the pure white stuccos crafted by Serpotta and the colorful street art murals of Vucciria Market.

The tour ends with the amazing votive altars. It's an interesting way to visit Palermo which highlights the different techniques that were used to embellish the walls of the city throughout the centuries. Thanks to these techniques, many monuments are now considered unique masterpieces and iconic symbols of Palermo today.

4 hour walking tour - Price: 150,00 €

Legality in Palermo

This is a relatively “painful” itinerary that alternates between sad memories and redemption. We will guide you around the places that have become the symbols of heroes who fought against the Mafia. This tour takes place in the city centre, an area that has been a victim of "Cosa Nostra's" power many times in the past.  We are not going to follow a chronological order, but instead, an emotional path thats swings between painful memories and a new, liberated present. We will tell you the true stories of Falcone and Borsellino, the priest Puglisi, and the detective Petrosino, one of the Mafia's first victims. We will walk from San Domenico Church and the Pantheon of the Sicilians to the Kalsa neighbourhood, where the judges Falcone and Borsellino were born.  We will then continue on to Piazza Marina, and the Town Hall. The tour ends with an exclusive visit to the offices of the two judges at the Court House. It has indeed been a difficult anti-Mafia journey for our beloved island and we would like to share these memories with you.

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